Cannibal & Craft
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About Us


Nobody is more passionate about cocktails than we are.

Tiki or Classic.


Nestled at the top of the Entertainment District on Dickson Street in Fayetteville, Cannibal & Craft offers a unique bar experience.  Not only do we provide the best handcrafted classic cocktails in Northwest Arkansas, we have the only true Tiki bar in the area.  Our passion for the craft is deeply intertwined in every aspect of our program.  It all starts with quality, handcrafted ingredients that we make everyday in our small kitchen.  From there, our highly trained bartenders who have spent countless hours studying and perfecting their craft use our quality ingredients to create perfect cocktails for our guests.  We take it a step further by offering bold flavors with our food menu.  Whatever you are looking for in food and beverage, we can deliver.  




We offer two experiences in one.  Join us in Craft for a Handcrafted Classic Cocktail or if you're looking for something more exotic, try a Tiki Cocktail in Cannibal. Both sides offer the same great food with the best burgers on Dickson Street.